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With passion for creation, love for perfection and desire to individualism in every area of ​​life we ​​have created an exclusive brand of furniture, lamps and accessories. Their design will give a unique character to every interior.

We offer a very original objects, that we create manually. So undoubted advantages of our brand is not only a sophisticated design, but also a very high standard of finish. We are the confirmation of highly sublime level of aesthetic.  Our every model is finished with attention to every detail.

With love full of passion we create a new, unique designs, which you will not meet anywhere else. If you like to surround yourself with the remarkable objects- you are in the perfect place. With us, you will be able to create your ideal, personalized furniture, lamps and accessories.

Which three words best describe us- perfectionism, passion, and individualism!

Welcome to our world! We wish you a wonderful journey!


Our team consists of designer and highly trained and experienced craftsmen full of passion and talent. In our group we have: upholsterer, carpenter, glazier, extremely talented metallurgists and also accurate seamstress.